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A. Asano, T. Ohkubo, M. Muneyasu, and T. Hinamoto,
Texture Primitive Description Using Morphological Skeleton
Proc. International Symposium on Mathematical Morphology VI, 101-108 (2002).


A novel method of texture primitive description using morphological skeleton is proposed. The skeleton of an object has the property that it is reduced to one point when the structuring element used for the skeletonization is exactly homothetic to the object. This method applies this property. This method minimizes the number of pixels contained in the skeleton. If we assume that the texture is composed of one primitive, the structuring element minimizing the number of pixels is homothetic to the primitive of the texture because of the above property of the skeleton. Simulated annealing is employed for the minimization. This method has an advantage that it requires no assumption on the sizing distribution of grains in the texture.


texture analysis, texture primitive description, skeleton, size distribution