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C. Muraki Asano, M. Muneyasu, T. Ozeki, A. Asano, and T. Fujimoto,
Application of Fourier sectrum for describing 'formal' of cloths
Proc. 2005 IEEE-EURASIP Workshop on Nonlinear Signal and Image Processing, 19AM2D-02 (2005).


Quantitative evaluation of human sensibility, that is, "Kansei" in Japanese, has recently attracted much attention. Kansei engineering is an approach to connect the human sensibility with engineering applications. We have investigated a relationship between the visual impressions of black fabrics and their image features from the viewpoint of Kansei engineering. In this paper, the two-dimensional Fourier transformation was applied for analyzing an image of black fabric in order to connect with formality, which is one of evaluation items for the visual impression of the fabrics. Sensory vision test was carried out to several typical kinds of black fabrics while Fourier spectrum features were extracted from the fabric images. Amplitudes of the Fourier spectrum were classified by k-means method, which is a cluster analysis method, and were discussed to analyze the visual impression. As the results, this study has found that differences of formality in the visual impressions of texture characteristics are derived from the features of the classified amplitudes of Fourier spectrum.


Kansei, Black fabrics, Formality, Visual impressions, Image features, Fourier spectrum, k-means