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A. Asano, F. Murata, and S. Yokozeki,
Three-Dimensional Matched Filtering for Recognition of Real Objects
Meeting Digest of Frontiers in Information Optics, Topical Meeting of the International Commission for Optics, Kyoto, Japan, 93 (1994).


A novel method for recognition of 3-D real objects is proposed. Our method is based on the conventional optical matched filtering technique. However, our method captures the reflected light from a coherently illuminated object, and directly treats the wavefront of the light as a 2-D image in the conventional method. Our novel method can recognize even monochromatic unshaded objects. The difficulty of our method is the over-sensitivity for the surface roughness or the position shift of the objects. The limit of the roughness is discussed using the results of computer simulations. A method to resolve the problem of the over-sensitivity of the position shift using the optical coodinate transform is also investigated.


optical pattern recognition, matched filter, holography