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F. Murata, A. Asano, H. Suzuki, and S. Yokozeki,
Matched Filtering for Recognition of Real Three Dimensional Objects
Kogaku(Japanese Journal of Optics), 23, 8, 505-510 (1994) [in Japanese].


A method of the matched filtering for recognition of ral three dimensional objects is proposed that can discriminate between real 3-D object and its image or concave object and convex one. Coherent light wave reflected from objects is used instead of transmitted light through objects. Unshaded objects can also be employed. Simulational experiments are carried out to show the ability of our method. The correlation outputof our method, however, depends on surface condition and positioning of the objects. The influences of the surface roughness and the shift between references and test objects are examined using the computer simulation. It's explained that the optical coordinate transformation method is effective to reduce the influences of rotation and shift of objects.