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S. Yashima, A. Asano, and A. Taguchi,
Modeling of Mono-Feature Texture Images by Using the Structuring Element of Morphology Filters
IEICE Trans. Fundamentals, J85-A, 6, 715-724 (2002) [in Japanese].


This paper proposes a novel texture modeling method based on the pattern spectrum and optimization algorithm. The pattern spectrum which is calculated by morphological operator, describes size distributions of objects contained in an image. Our method can be applied texture images which are constructed by only one element. The size and shape of the element are described by the structuring element of morphology operation. The structuring element is optimized by the Genetic Algorithm. Furthermore, we show a method how to check the texture which is constructed by one element or more. Thus it is possible to know if the calculated structure element describes well the texture feature or not.


mathematical morphology, pattern spectrum, texture, modeling