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Agus Zainal Arifin, A. Asano, A. Taguchi, T. Nakamoto, M. Ohtsuka, M. Tsuda, Y. Kudo, and K. Tanimoto,
Computer-aided system for measuring the mandibular cortical width on dental panoramic radiographs in identifying postmenopausal women with low bone mineral density
Osteoporosis International, 17, 5, 753-759 (2006. 5).


The fashion trend becomes diversified and far-reaching as a result of the developments in the medium digitalization. Consumer action is highly influenced by their knowledge on the science, the technology, the IT and the fashion. Based on the survey of the general characteristics of living organisms, we study the roles of the art of/on textiles and clothing in raising consumer sense/value. We introduce two grounds of the sensitivity for the interactions between textile objects and consumer sense. They have different meanings to the morphology of the consumer action. The expression in terms of textiles is a sort of language which verbalizes the human's thought deep inside, whether conscious or not, through the act of designing, the use of the necessities and the sense is in the heart of system to make successful management in cosumer life, and the application of good information technology may amplify the power of the sense and promote ability for the reflection and evaluation of the quality of life.


Clothes, Clothing fashion, Art, Consumer, Sensitivity, Sensory Test