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T. Fujimoto, M. R. Sunderland, S. K. Tandon, C. M. Asano, A. Asano, C. Murata, and H. Fukuyama,
Measurement of surface property using a special sensor developed for pile materials
Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research, 33, 3, 253-257 (2008. 9). PDF


A special sensor, like human finger tips, to measure the surface friction of various carpets with cut or loop pile has been developed. The main body of the instrument is the KES multiple device and the attachments covered with the fake skin are appropriately attached to it. This instrument provides quick and easy testing for carpets and fabrics. This rapid method would be useful for quantifying friction and for designing high quality pile products.


carpet, friction, pile fabrics, special sensor, surface property