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Christmas in midsummer
(Dec. 2003)

I visited Melbourne, Australia, in December 2003. I was looking forward to seeing "Christmas in summer" in this visit, because I saw a photo of Australian Santa Claus arriving at a beach by boat, when I was a child. Although I did not visit a beach, I saw the following interesing Christmas trees in the city. The maximum temperature of this day (Dec. 16) was 37 degree centigrade, and the "dehydration warning" was announced.

* Click a photo to enlarge.

tree01 A big Christmas tree in Federation Square along Yarra river in the heart of Melbourne. The tree is similar to what we know, but it was not covered with snow. The classical tram appearing on the left edge of the photo is a free "City Circle" service running around the CBD of Melbourne.
tree02 Various trees were displayed in a building by Federation Square. This tree simulates ice-covered fruits.
tree03 A palm Christmas tree was displayed.
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