Ph.D., Professor, Kansai University, Japan
Faculty of Informatics
a.asano at kansai-u.ac.jp
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List of lab members and alumni.
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Classes in English

- Classes in Engish were provided when I was in Hiroshima University.

shuppan Pattern Information Processing 2010
Newer schedule with more lectures on Fourier transformation and excluding lectures on pattern recognition.
shuppan Pattern Information Processing 2006
Older schedule including lectures on pattern recognition.
shuppan Mathematical Morphology 2000
Provided as "Information Statistics II."


facebook Akira Asano on Facebook
Some of my submissions are bilingual in Japanese and English.
toukae Plötzlich aber unmerklich langsamer
My photo blog. During my stay in Finland (Apr. 2017 - Mar. 2018), Links to my bilingual photo diary submitted to Facebook in the pubic mode are shown on this blog. The diary can be browsed by non-users of Facebook.
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