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Prof. Asano's Lab, Faculty of Informatics, Kansai University
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Akira Asano(浅野 晃), Professor
Various research topics!

Prof. Asano's Lab, Faculty of Informatics, Kansai University



BA, assigned in Apr. 2018

Nanomi Anzako(庵逧 菜実)
Ayame Oimatsu(老松 あやめ)
Mako Ohori(大堀 真子)
Kota Kido(木戸 皓太)
Ayana Konoike(鴻池 采奈)
Shiho Saito(齋藤 志穂)
Junya Takashima(高島 隼也)
Misaki Takahashi(髙橋 美咲)
Natsumi Horiki(宝力 なつみ)
Tomoka Minami(南 朋花)
Hana Morihiro(森廣 華)
Shunsuke Yagi(八木 駿輔)
Kengo Yamamoto(山本 謙吾)

BA, assigned in Apr. 2019

Chika Ohara(大原 智香)
Moeko Ogawa(小川 萌子)
Chika Ohara(菊池 タケル)
Ayaka Shimura(志村 綾香)
Akari Shoji(庄司 朱里)
Yuna Sugihara(杉原 夕菜)
Rina Takahashi(高橋 理菜)
Mirei Takigawa(瀧川 美鈴)
Yuma Tsuboi(坪井 裕真)
Rieko Nakanishi(中西 里永子)
Nao Nishimura(西村 菜桜)
Chisato Hiyama(桧山 千紗都)
Mari Fukui(福井 鞠)
Rina Matsushita(松下 莉奈)
Jo Morikawa(森川 丞)
Kasumi Yamauchi(山内 夏澄)


- Theses are written in Japanese.


MA, Mar. 2017

Nguyen Hung An
Regularity and predictability of curves and human affectiveness
Ayana Deguchi(出口 絢那)
Physiological and psychological reactions in preferences of colors

BA, Mar. 2017

Assigned in Apr. 2014

Mako Sunayama(砂山 真子)
Relationships between visual, haptic, and mechanical characters on various white textile materials.

Assigned in Apr. 2015

Arata Akihisa(穐久 新)
Color arrangements in illustrations and impressions
Keigo Kanetsuna(兼綱 啓伍)
Extraction of trabeculi from mandibles in dental panoramic radiographs
Nana Shirogane(白銀 奈々)
Temporal transition of chords and evoked colors
Sonoka Takada(高田 苑佳)
Effect of densities of yarns and characteristics of materials to visual impressions of textiles
Shinji Tatsumi(巽 真治)
Effect of temporal transition of color arrangements to human impressions
Misaki Maeda(前田 美咲)
Perception of color saturation in photos — How humans find naturality of colors
Misaki Yamada(山田 美紗季)
Human visual affection from the viewpoints of shapes and color assignments
Shin Yamamoto(山本 慎)
Effect of disturbances of stimulus arrangements in visual search
Yuri Yoshii(吉井 佑里)
Relationships between color categorizations and interests to colors

BA, Mar. 2016

Assingned in Apr. 2014

Michinaga Tanaka(田中 道詠)
Effect of impression of music on visual expressions
Tohru Nakamae(中前 徹)
Physiological responses to chromatic illumination
Shugo Mihara(三原 脩吾)
Effect of colors on memorization of symbols
Masafumi Yoshimura(吉村 雅史)
Influences of colors to human emotion — Does blue sky make humans lively?
Arika Nishiza(西座 有香)
Dependance of colorization on skill of painting

BA, Mar. 2015

Assigned in Apr. 2012

Yoshiki Kitayama(北山 慎基)
Can hate emotions to foods in blue be relieved?

Assigned in Apr. 2013

Ayana Deguchi(出口 絢那)
Connection between colors and concepts
Nao Murakami(村上 奈央)
Relationship between age estimates on skin and local variation of illumination

BA, Mar. 2014

Assigned in Apr. 2012

Ryoma Imae(今江 亮馬)
Experimental tests on stroop effect — on perceptual elements on safety and danger
Nanae Ohkita(大北 菜々恵)
Experimental research on relationships between colors and impressions
Yasunari Kanzawa(神澤 泰成)
Analysis of texture images — utilization of the maximum particle size
Kohki Kirihara(切原 光貴)
Analysis of texture images — utilization of image segments
Risa Hirota(廣田 里紗)
Experimental research on visual feel of fabrics
Rika Watanabe(渡辺 莉加)
Experimental research on relationships between colors and preferences of foods
Jin Zhao(金 朝)
Analysis of texture images — utilization of restricted size means


Image Statistics Laboratory, Department of Information Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Hiroshima University (- 2011)

I was in Hiroshima University from Apr. 1998 to Sep. 2011. The Ph.D. candidates who were left in Hiroshima Univ. after I had moved to Kansai Univ. belonged to Professor Takio Kurita's Lab, and I also supervised them.


Alumni (Ph.D.)

Xiaoying Guo (郭 小英)(Entered to the Ph.D. course in Oct. 2010, and received Ph.D. in Sep. 2013)
Modeling the perception of visual complexity of texture images and painting images.
(Currently, Associate Professor, Leader of the Computer Vision Research Group, School of Software Engineering, Shanxi University, China) [Web site]
Muthu Subash Kavitha (Entered to the Ph.D. course in Apr. 2009, and received Ph.D. in Jun. 2012)
Automatic system for diagnosing osteoporosis based on dental panoramic radiographs using statistical classification techniques.
(Currently, JSPS research fellow, Kurita Lab., Hiroshima University [Researchgate])
Liang Li (李 亮)(Entered to the Master course in Apr. 2006, and received Ph.D. in Mar. 2011)
Texture Analysis Based on Human Visual Perception and Mathematical Morphology.
(Currently, Associate Professor, College of Information Science and Engineering, Ritsumeikan University) [Web site]
Febriliyan Samopa (Entered to the Ph.D. course in Oct. 2006, and received Ph.D. in Nov. 2009)
Tooth Shape Measurement on Dental Radiographs for Forensic Personal Identification.
(Currently, Chair of the Departement of Information System, Faculty of Informatics, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya, Indonesia) [Researchgate]
Agus Zainal Arifin (Entered to the Ph.D. course in Apr. 2004, and received Ph.D. in Mar. 2007)
Development of Computer-Aided System for Diagnosing Osteoporosis Using Dental Panoramic Radiographs.
(Currently, Dean of the Faculty of Informatics, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya, Indonesia) [Web site]
Yang Lei (楊 磊)(Entered to the Ph.D. course in Apr. 2010, and quit the course in Sep. 2012)
(Published paper) L. Yang, A. Asano, L. Li, C. Muraki Asano, and T. Kurita, "Multi-structural Texture Analysis Using Mathematical Morphology," IEICE Trans. Fundamentals, E95-A, 10, 1759-1767 (2012. 10).