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Ayumi's short story

This cat, called Ayumi, lived in the laboratory where I worked for Ph.D. Ayumi was a clearly white female, and one of her eyes was blue and the other was gold. Her name Ayumi, which is a popular name for Japanese women, is the name of a box used to collect money for coffee from the members of the laboratory. This is because "Ayumi-box" is a famous charity organization in Japan.

Ayumi urinated in garbage in the laboratory and was inspected by the administration of the department. She was then banished from the university and went away.

However, this portrait of hers had been used as a sample image for image processing researches in the laboratory. She appeared on many scientific papers of international journals written by the members of the laboratory. She once appeared on the cover page of an issue of an international journal.

Many members, including myself, of the laboratory completed their Ph.D. theses with her help, and this portrait had been used in the laboratory and laboratories where the alumni of the laboratory were working.

Where is she now? If she is alive now, she must have lived much longer than the average lifespan of a cat. I wish her life has been happy.

ayumi eye Appendix 1:
Ayumi's right eye has been extracted and magnified, and its brightness has been modified. It is found that photographers are reflected on the eye.

Appendix 2:
A Playmate, Ms. Lena Sjööblom-Soderberg, was awarded for the contribution of her photo in her young age to image processing researches.

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