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Paradise of birds in Hiroshima city
(2006. 6)

The city of Hiroshima spreads on the delta of Ohtagawa river. The river diverges into a lot of branches in the city. There is a small island at the uppermost branch point except that into the new sluice.

It is said that this island has existed since the consturction of the city conducted by Mohri Terumoto, a famous samurai lord, started about 400 years ago. I do not know whether it is true or not, but a lot of big trees on the small island show a long history of the island.

There are a lot of herons and cormorants making their nests on the trees. Since no people or dogs come to the island, it is a "paradise of birds." This is an interesting scene because a purely natural island is surrounded by high buildings, a highway, and a viaduct.

This paradise of birds is well known in Hiroshima. I tried to take photos on the way to the university.

* Click a photo to enlarge. The photos on this pages are taken with a film camera PENTAX MX-3, 80-210mm, and digitized by a DPE shop.

shima The whole island from the headside of the river. The viaduct of Sanyo Shinkansen and Motomachi high apartment houses are seen in the background. Kyobashigawa river branches to the left.
tori3 Black cormorants and white herons are crowded and make thir nests.
tori4  tori5

I tried to take photos of flying birds.

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