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(Dec. 2004, etc.)

Please see also "Maghrib - sunset."

* Click a photo to enlarge. Please forgive the low quality of the photos in the middle and the bottom, since they were taken by 8mm video cam.

arjuna Sunrise on Mt. Arjuna (3,339 meters) in East Jawa, Indonesia. Photographed from Malang city at the foot of the mountain at early morning on Aug. 13, 2005. Voices of azan, which is a call for Muslim prayer, are heard before the sunrise. Click here to play the sound.
newcaledonia Sunrise above New Caledonia. Photographed from an airplane from Japan to New Zealand at early morning on Sep. 21, 2004.
white nights The "white night" in the summer in Northern Europe — The sun rises soon after the sunset while the sky is bright even in the midnight. This photo was taken from a train from Helsinki to Tampere, Finland, at some minutes past the midnight on July 3, 1994.
kaamos Sunrise in the winter time in Finland. This photo was taken in the suburban region of Tampere at a quater past 9 am on Jan. 16, 1995. Tampere is situated in lat. 61.5 N, and the sunrise is at half past 9 am and the sunset is at 3 pm on the winter solstice. The sky is covered with thick clouds from October to December in Finland, and the sun shines weakly at low in the sky and I often felt to encourge the sun to shine more seriously :-), but the climate is getting clearer from this period in January.
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