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Maghrib - sunset
(Sep. 2005)

Maghrib means "sunset" in Arabic. The sunset reminds us of the end of daily work and the beginning of rest in the evening. In Muslim culture, however, maghrib is the beginning of a day, and the prayer at maghrib is the most important of the five prayers in a day.

This page displays sunsets in Hokkaido, Japan, in Sep. 2005 and in Indonesia in Sep. 2007.

Please see also the page of "sunrises." A sunrise in Indonesia is also displayed.

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Sunset at Asahidake spa, which is situated at the foot of Mt. Asahidake (2,290 meters), the highest mountain in Hokkaido, photographed on Sep. 4, 2005.

It was very clear in the next morning, and Mt. Asahidake was clearly visible, as shown in the photo below left. The photo below right shows Mt. Asahidake mirrored on Sugatami-no-ike pond on the middle of the mountain, approached by a ropeway.

asahidake sugatami



Sunset at the Tokachi-gawa river running between Obihiro city and Otofuke town in Hokkaido. The name of the bridge in the photo is Tokachi Chuo bridge, or "Swan Bridge."

tampere  tampere2

This photo was taken at a lake near Tampere in Finland in Jan. 1993. It looks the sunset, but it was around 2:30 pm. The angle of the sun is low all the day in winter time in Nothern Europe.
* Taken with a film camera.

kouen  hokuo2

The above left photo is a sunset near my house in Hiroshima, Japan, appearing on the page of "Spring has come" The above right photo is a sunset in Göteborg, Sweden, appearing on the page of "White Nights in Northern Europe." The sunset at high latitudes in northern Europe looks somewhat dim.


The sunset at Hiroshima University, where I am working, on Sep. 29, 2005. Recently it is still hot at the end of September, but the sky surely turns to be that in autumn.


The sunset at Surabaya International Airport on Sep. 12, 2007. This is just a normal sunset, but it announces the beginning of Ramadan this year.

* Photographed with Sharp SH901iS mobile phone camera (equivalent to Sharp 903).

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